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Web Design & Development

You may think that simply having a website means you’re covered on the digital front, but an outdated site can significantly impact your traffic and conversions. A fast-loading, secure site that’s easy to use can help you make the most of your digital real estate. Zoom Advertising provides customers with stylish, intelligently designed websites which center the user experience while defining your brand.

Site Speed

People and machines agree: slow-loading sites are OUT. It’s a matter of fact that the faster your site loads, the more likely it is to appear in search rankings. A higher ranking means more visitors, and a quickly loading site can make their time on your site more pleasant. Our developers understand what’s needed to keep your site running smoothly, including minifying JavaScript and image editing.

Hosting & Security

In plain language, your web host is the place where your website is stored online. Professional management of this service can help avoid frustrating downtimes and data loss. Though security is sometimes overlooked by inexperienced site builders, it’s very important for your business and customers alike. We provide site protection, detection, and security response services with each website we build.

Mobile Optimization

It’s never been more important to make sure your site is flexible. With upwards of 50% of searches being conducted from mobile devices, you could be missing out on lots of traffic with a site that’s only desktop-optimized. We build sites that do both every day, displaying beautifully across desktop computers and mobile devices alike.

Define Your Brand

Meeting your visitor’s needs immediately makes a great first impression. Ask yourself, what content or information will your customer be looking for right away? What experience will they expect from your brand’s website? From written content to video production, we can provide the tools you need to send the right message.

The Process

We will initially consult you to determine your website goals, your target audience, and the priorities that must be considered. Using what we’ve learned, we’ll propose a site with digital solutions to fit your needs. Our team will carefully consider your feedback as we consult you throughout the project, ensuring that you love the look and feel of your site. Once development is complete, we will publish the site and thoroughly audit each aspect to ensure it is fully functioning.

Web Development with Zoom Advertising

Designing the experience of your site provides an opportunity to engage customers and express the brand behind your business. Are you curious about building or improving your website with the Zoom Advertising team? Please reach out to schedule a free digital review today.